NATIONAL SECURITY for the largest number of people is a state of preparedness that starts at home and extends to flash points around the world. It consists of maintaining domestically based land, sea, air and space defense as well as international military support. These actions are focused on counteracting aggressive power that seeks to undermine our nation’s purpose and its traditional posture of coming to thedefense of allies around the globe against such threats. In the global world of today and tomorrow, a state of readiness that is prepared for mutual security with all our allies is absolutely essential. The military industrial complex, upon which President Eisenhower long ago implored us to keep account, should expedite the strongest affordable defense posture of which we, as a nation, are capable.

GLOBAL GOVERNABILITY over the longest period of time at the lowest necessary cost is closely tied to national security interests that require linking the multilateral relationships of our leadership with the leadership of other governments for mutual benefit. To cultivate international friendships, the first priority is always diplomacy at all levels and in all sectors: through the work of trade representatives and their associates,  economic development administrators and their specialists, ambassadors and their dedicated staff, as well as the heads of state and government. A state of readiness prepares for all conceivable situations to protect and activate American citizens for civic engagement.

THEREFORE, our number one priority would be to introduce, discuss, and enact a CITIZEN RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVE that reaffirms the principles set forth in the Preamble to the Constitution that would 1) create good jobs and fair taxes that enable all income producers and their dependents to live in prosperity, 2) assure healthcare and provide for the education of all people to secure the productivity of the country, 3) apply the most advanced technology in all facets of life and livelihoods and also provide for free and equal voting by all eligible persons who ultimately will benefit from its advancing capabilities. We must look at each of these factors in relation to one another in order to see the whole picture of citizen quality of life. So, finally, we must develop what will function as a citizen responsibility indicator to measure how well the Preamble’s  Constitutional standards are being followed and implemented in the lives of all American citizens.

Jobs and taxes are about PROSPERITY—a state of well-being—which is the creative energy of “We the People” who either have enough available income to lead a good life and pay a fair share in taxes and help support those who do not have such availability and need help. Prosperity is the Impetus, strong or weak, of economic growth as it is differently experienced by every family and person in changing times, places, and circumstances.

Healthcare and education are consequences of how prosperity is used for PRODUCTIVITY—a state of effectiveness which is the center of gravity for “We the People.” This productivity involves the capacity to create goods, services, and support for others as well as one’s self. They are the action component of our national security to support and protect a strong and powerful nation. Productivity attracts investment—financial, contractual, and emotional—which leads to the advantages of growth, development, and power.

Technology and voting are about the POWER—a state of influence—which impacts the quality and direction of our pursuit of happiness. This can generate the momentum of our efforts on behalf of global governability. When they are well led, directly or indirectly, they are the facilitators of prosperity and productivity without which the potential of momentum diminishes. Global governability depends upon the power of the momentum to manage the leadership of free societies.

The goal of the CITIZEN RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVE is to help measure the performance of those who have taken an oath or been elected/appointed to keep the promise America that has been made to itself as was articulated by the founders—the ethical leadership of a unified people in a republican democracy—that would bring a light of freedom and responsibility to the world. The touchstone of this leadership, then, would be meeting the standards of the Preamble that “We the People” have elected leaders to implement.

RichardD. Cheshire, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO
Promise America Alliance
November 7, 2018